Saturday, 30 October 2010

21st September 2010 Physical Theatre

We started off with a disscuison on how we at the end of learning all of these physical theatre moves we would put our own sequence togethre after that we started stretching our muscles our calf muscles and quad muscles est. We did all this for half an hour. Then we started working on the correct way on how you fall on your side and how you through punches. We did all this untill we all got it and we talked about how Paul wanted us for our homework to bring in a fighting scene we had the choice of writting one oursleves or getting one from a film or a soap for  example Hollyoaks or Eastenders est. And also told us to watch a t.v programme called bottom with had aload of punching and slapping in it techincally it had alot of physical theartre in it. The reason he wanted us to watch that is so if we wanted any of that in our sequence he would teach us it the safe way.

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